How is fire-resistant steel made?

At SBF Rapid, the manufacturing process of TMT bars takes place with maximum attention to the details and guidelines by BIS to deliver high-grade, powerful, anti-corrosive, and fire-resistant TMT bars.

The process of manufacturing begins after selecting the best quality of Iron Ore, an anti-corrosive and fore resistant alloy that undergoes.

  • A) Quality check-ups using a spectrometer to test the liquid.
  • B) Automatic Rolling Mill for uniform thickness of the TMT bars.
  • C) Further processing through German Thermax technology for cooling TMT bars in process, using jet sprays to ensure tensile strength that can withstand pressure intensities.
  • D) USM Technology for giving a precision shape of a perfect solid rod.
  • E) AOAS technology to make TMT bars fire-resistant up to temperature 650 Celsius.
  • F) Automatic Straight Bundling technology.

The final outcome of our entire production process is 550D and CRS TMT Bars, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant TMT bars, ingots, and billets as per the set parameters of BIS.

Additionally, we also ensure a cut down on carbon emissions to promote green and environment-friendly manufacturing.

Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!