Started in 1991, SBF Group is a three decade old steel company having manufacturing facilities of MS Ingots/ MS Billets in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It is one of the leading names in the Indian Steel industry and has carved a niche for itself in the market by producing the highest quality products. Considered to be one of the largest steel manufacturers in Delhi (NCR), Haryana and Rajasthan region, the group has combined capacity of 3 Lakh MT per annum.

SBF Group always promotes the use of state-of-the-art technology and international standards making it the preferred supplier of TMT/Billets/Ingots in the country. Its Simplistic approach and increased demand for products in these segments have contributed to its expansion in a short span. The company has entered in forward integration by installing an Ultra Modern, Fully Automatic well-equipped Straight Rolling Mill, Integrated Green Field plant of 2.40 Lakh Tonne per annum. With commitment to reduce the carbon emission in the country, the group has launched SBF RAPID S50D QST Reinforcement TMT Bars.


Sanjeev Kumar

SBF' is a hallmark of trust, a value system integral to the century old tradition. It continues to direct the growth of the organisation by ensuring what comes from the people, goes back to them. We firmly believe in inclusive development, taking responsibility to steer a path to progress and security for our consumers and all those working with us. A brand that holds head high in lieu of quality, service and honest business policies and practices.


When it's time to create your own magnum opus, one looks for a strong, solid construction that can stand the test of time. A result of continuous effort, uncompromising standard of materials and investment in the latest technology & innovation. At SBF Ispat Pvt Ltd we don't just produce steel, we believe in being the bedrock around which your dreams take shape. A constant effort to ensure unmatched product quality coupled with superior sales network and after sales services.

Our Vision & Mission


  • To practice highest standard of corporate culture and contribute towards India's economic growth.
  • To internalize pursuit of quality in to frame work of the organizations.


  • To provide consistently high quality products that exceed customers, accomplish profitable and sustainable growth with commitment towards social and environmental values.
  • To become one of the leading Quality TMT manufacturing company in India with latest technologies at an affordable prices.


Innovation & Technology

At SBF Steel, we encourage a creative work environment to encourage innovations and solutions that create products and services, and set benchmarks in our industry. We inspire to bring in new technologies and challenges that help us improvise our processes every day.

Ambition & Dedication

We believe that ambition and dedication are two of the most important tools in achieving success. In line with this thought, we are committed to deliver the best to our customers while enhancing our own growth.

Honesty & Integrity

Our integrity is determined by our market reputation. We believe in maintaining truthfulness with our employees, our customers, and our dealers. We stick to our values even through difficult situations.


Today, SBF Group is one of the leading names in the Indian steel industry. The SBF RAPID TMT, a brand has created by SBF Group of Companies has a niche for itself in the market by producing the highest quality products. Innovation and Commitment to quality makes the group stands out amongst Billets & TMT Bars manufacturers in India. Over the years, SBF Group has fostered the use of cutting edge technology and international standards, making it the preferred supplier.


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SBF Group today is one of the leading names in the Indian steel industry. The SBF RAPID 550D TMT a brand as created by SBF Group has a niche for itself in the market by producing the highest quality products. The innovation and commitment to quality makes the Group stand out from other TMT Bars manufactures. Over the year, SBF Group has fostered the use of cutting-edge technology and international standards, making it the preferred supplier of TMT bars in India.

The Group’s ingenious approach and rise in demand for steel products in the region has contributed to its expansion in a very short period of time. SBF Group has a steel manufacturing capacity of 3,00,000 metric tonnes per annum. The Group manufactures a wide range of billets and long steel products i.e., SBF RAPID 550D Reinforcement TMT Bars, and is certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) IS 2830-2012, IS 1786-2019, IS 1608, IS 6892, IS 2770, IS 1599, ISO 6935-2 & International Standards.

SBF Group is one of the leading manufacturers that has “THERMEX GERMANY” Quenching & Self Tempering QST Technology which is regarded as the best QST technology in the world. An integrated steel plant at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) facilitates a production of TMT bars of Grade Fe500D, 550D & Fe-600 of sizes ranging from 8mm to 40mm in diameter. SBF RAPID TMT Bars offer the following advantages: corrosion resistance, fire resistance, bendability and bonding, and higher ductility.
SBF RAPID TMT BARS have a greater advantage in saline environment because of its corrosion resistance. We are approved by modal agencies such as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

SBF RAPID TMT BARS we have unique vital characteristics that separate them from the rest of the competitors. Quality that speaks of the purity Ore to Core of Steel which provides Advanced Outer Armour Shield which gives higher yield Strength that speaks of an ability of withstand forces and provide endurance. “THERMAX GERMANY QST Technology” that ensure longevity to SBF RAPID TMT Bars. CNC technology gives SBF RAPID TMT Bars perfectly uniform ribbed pattern for strong bonding with RCC. That’s the reason, when you trust in SBF GROUP’s products, you can be sure you invested in steel for life.
Be it a residence or a commercial complex, a township or a city’s flyover, steel remains the backbone of every construction and the quality of steel can make all the difference between a construction that lasts long and the one that cannot stand the test of time. That’s exactly what makes our steel stand apart from the rest. An ISO 9001:2000 &ISO 14001 certified company; SBF Group is firmly committed to the highest standard of the quality with accurate precision.


Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!