SBF TMT Bars has introduced AOAS (Advanced Outer Armour Shield) technology to produce their TMT bars with the trade name SBF RAPID TMT. Here are the benefits of using SBF RAPID TMT.


SBF RAPID TMT Bars having a higher strength of around 20% in 550D and much stronger than other ordinary rebars available in the market. Due to which the steel consumption can be reduced and hence increase the floor space index. Thus, giving the user the benefit of extra space due to user use of rebar and become cost-effective of around 20-30%.


This AOAS technology in the SBF RAPID TMT has proved as a good shield against fire hazards in the construction activity. Due to the AOAS shield on the steel outer surface which can resist the temperature up to 650*C still retaining its strength. Mazbooti is the real strength of the product which will help in withstanding the earthquake to a Richter Scale up to 6.


Ductility is one of the most important physical properties of high strength TMT Rebar used for earthquake resistant construction. SBF RAPID 550D TMT has high Manganese and low carbon content due to which it has a rare combination of high strength and excellent ductility.


SBF RAPID 550D TMT Bars come with less than 0.23% carbon equivalent which result in excellent weldability and makes it superior to ordinary rebars.


This is a breakthrough innovation by SBF Group to fight the corrosion problem in coastal construction. Some micro alloys are added in the steel making process which improves the corrosion resistance properties of SBF RAPID 550D QST TMT Bars.


The special micro-structure of SBF RAPID 550D QST TMT Bar results in a Rebar with excellent bendability. The bar has got superior bendability which is made possible with a unique combination of tough outer core and soft inner core that has obvious advantages at construction sites. The bars can make bend and rebend easily without any cracking and any other strength loss.


Since we are in integrated plant, we manufacture 550D grade quality billets in-house which are low in Sulphur and Phosphorous with high Manganese. These properties always provide higher strength and ductility of our SBF RAPID 550D TMT bars. As per ISI standards, Fe-550D grade TMT bars have ultimate tensile strength of 600 N/mm2 so finally this strength is suitable for any construction.

Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!