Corrosion Resistance Steel

This is a breakthrough innovation by SBF Group to fight the corrosion problem in coastal construction. Some micro alloys are added in the steel-making process which improves the corrosion resistance properties of SBF RAPID 550D QST TMT Bars.

Cementing Strong Foundations with Superior and Anti-Corrosive TMT Bars.

TMT bars are lifelines for all kinds of buildings. Best TMT bars can only ensure that our infrastructure is strong from the roots, can withstand pressures, and does not rust easily with time.

At SBF Rapid, we believe that the best infrastructures deserve the best TMT Bars. We are cornerstones for a strong India with strong infrastructures that will lead India’s growth in the future.

Qualities of SBF Rapid Corrosion Proof TMT bars.

TMT bars tend to corrode over time as they react with oxygen to slowly affect the strength of the entire building.

Any corrosion severely weakens the strength of the supporting TMT bars leading to demolish of the entire structure in dust and debris.

  • Our galvanized TMT bars are a composition of rust-resistant metal alloy that does not damage the infrastructure and requires low maintenance.
  • Our products are less affected by environmental factors such as partial pressure environmental Ph, temperature, and chloride ion concentration which may lead to –
  1. Increase the pace of corrosion of infrastructure.
  2. Stress corrosion cracking Risk.
  3. Passive Film Stability.
  • Our manufacturing process for TMT bars takes place in multiple stages to produce top-of-the-line and cost-effective TMT bars.
  • We follow the string process of metal heating (quenching ) at the right temperature and cooling for superior quality and anti-corrosive TMT Bar.

SBF Rapid, the leading TMT Bar manufacturer across North India and soon across the entire India, specializes in manufacturing high-grade rust-proof TMT steel bars, ingots, and billets to prevent the corrosion of infrastructures and ensure long-lasting strength for many years.

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Products Are As Follows-

      1. The Long-Lasting 550D and CRS TMT Bars Products.

  • Our finest TMT bars, ingots, and billets are made of anti-corrosion alloys containing essential elements such as chromium, nickel, cobalt, titanium, Molybdenum, and 550D and CRS TMT Bars in adequate percentages.
  • We follow strict standards and precision manufacturing procedures to ensure that alloys are resistant to the degradation of a building.
  • We select the best corrosion-resistant material– Iron ore for processing it into 550D and CRS TMT Bars products within specific sizes for a rock-solid base in a building.
  • Our range of 550D and CRS TMT Bars products with all variations in sizes and chemical properties follow BIS standards for constructing a strong India.
  • Our products are less affected by environmental factors such as environmental Ph, temperature, and chloride ion concentration which may lead to –
  1. Increase the pace of corrosion of infrastructure.
  2. Stress corrosion cracking Risk.

     2. Advance Technology Process of Manufacturing

  • Our manufacturing of top-notch products has the potential to multiply the strength of foundations as they undergo manufacturing using the latest technology.
  • Our manufacturing process takes place using Integrated Quality Management System and German technology to manufacture high-yield stress products adhering to BIS standards.
  • We ensure that intensive quality inspection and checks ups for up-to-mark ductility, elongation, the tensile strength of 600n/mm2, and rust-free products which do not damage in the longer run.

     3 .Highly Ductile and Anti- Corrosion steel TMT bars.

  • For all kinds of infrastructure and buildings, we ensure that our non-corrosion and rust-resistant steel TMT bars and other products are also ductile.
  • India, which comes under IV and V earthquake zone areas, requires TMT bars for columns that are highly ductile.
  • Ductility gives flexibility and ensures strength to the products so that they can withstand pressures of different ranges and are a perfect fit for construction prone to high seismic areas for longer periods of time.
  • Our products have high tensile strength and elongation properties without losing strength.
  • 0ur products have stood to excellent standards holding certification by RSRDC- Jaipur and Bureau Veritas, Shri Ram Industrial Research, Sun Beams, Cosmo Analytical Labs, and several other government organizations.

    4.Long-Term Shelf life of the steel TMT bars.

  • In addition to resistance to corrosion, our steel TMT bars also have the advantage of long-term use for constructing concrete structures.
  • Our various TMT bars of different sizes, such as 550D, 550,500, to 600 TMT bar, are made from Carbon, Sulphur, and phosphorus with anti-corrosion alloys as per the weight standards and composition suggested by BIS standards.
  • Unlike other common TMT bars, claiming high flexibility that impairs the gripping and tough tensile strength due to corrosion, we manufacture TMT bars which –
  1. Have a hard outer core to strengthen and bend hard outer core for robust construction with tensile strength.
  2. Soft inner core for flexibility for high bendability and ductility.
  3. Have High Elongation properties.
  4. Strong gripping ability with cement for building columns.
  5. Resistance to the corrosion of the concrete.

Our products are pillars of strength for many architectures and the first choice for civil engineers and structural areas to renovate or lay down new structures.

 Environmentally Friendly TMT Bars.

  • We believe in manufacturing some of the finest infrastructures for India with the finest TMT bars, which are best manufactured with precision and reduce carbon footprint.
  • During our production of top-quality TMT Bars, our manufacturing process produces low carbon emissions.
  • We also ensure zero wastage by casting old and broken TMT bars into rigid, high resistance to corrosion, highly wieldable, ductile elongations.
  • Therefore, our rust-resistant metals are not only ductile, have tensile strength and elongation properties, but also conserve the environment.
  • We are the largest TMT Bar manufacturer in Rajasthan with the largest manufacturing plant.
  • We also guarantee to build strong and some of the best infrastructure as we constantly aim to improve and test the quality of the products that meet excellent standards.

We excel in manufacturing TMT Bars which meet your construction needs for India and in India and are a reputed TMT Bar manufacturer. Our products are a perfect fit for India’s development. We are contributors and creators of India’s progress in future history.

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Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!