Earthquake Resistance SteeL

Since India has about 54% of its entire landmass resting upon earthquake prone Himalayan and Eurasian plates with magnitudes reaching high as 8.0, earthquakes in Bhuj, Latur, Kashmir with its aftershocks spreading across India, use of high-quality rebars in construction is a no brainer. Poor quality TMT contains high content of Sulphur and Phosphorous thus compromising its ductility. Low ductility causes the rebars to break under stress rather elongating to bear the excess stress. SBF Rapid MT offers excellent ductility thanks to its low Sulphur and Phosphorous content rendering it high elongation (15-24%), a high UTS/YS ratio of 1.08. SBF Rapid TMT’s capacity to withstand stress makes it an ideal choice for construction of buildings particularly in earthquake prone areas.

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