There has been an increasing demand for fire-resistant steel in India over recent years due to the growing concern for public safety and the prevention of fire-related incidents. Steel is a popular construction material, but it is not immune to fire damage. Therefore, fire-resistant steel has become a crucial component in buildings, bridges, and other structures.

How to Calculate Steel’s Fire Resistance?

The fire resistance of steel is calculated based on the fire resistance rating (FRR), which is determined using the Fire Resistance Test (FRT) as per the Indian Standard (IS) code. The FRR is a measure of the time that a material can withstand a fire without losing its structural integrity or functionality.

The FRT involves exposing the steel to high temperatures for a specified period while measuring its temperature rise, deflection, and load-carrying capacity. The FRR is then determined based on the results of the test, with the highest rating being F240, which indicates that the steel can withstand a fire for 240 minutes or four hours without collapsing.

Fire Safety Ratings and Testing in India

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set guidelines and standards for fire safety ratings and testing in India. The BIS guidelines specify the minimum fire resistance rating required for different types of buildings and structures. For instance, residential buildings must have a fire-resistance rating of at least 1 hour, while commercial buildings must have a fire-resistance rating of at least 2 hours. Therefore, manufacturers of steel products such as TMT bars manufacturers must ensure their steel structures go through fire resistance testing in accordance with the BIS standards to ensure compliance.

In addition to the FRR, other important fire safety ratings for steel include the flame spread index (FSI), which measures how quickly fire spreads across the surface of the material, and the smoke-developed index (SDI), which measures the amount of smoke produced by the material when exposed to fire.

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Finishes, Coatings, and Fire Protection Methods for Manufacturing Fire-Resistant Steel

There are various finishes, coatings, and fire protection methods that can enhance the fire resistance of steel structures. One of the most common methods is the application of intumescent coatings, which expand when exposed to fire, forming a protective barrier around the steel. This can significantly improve the fire resistance of steel structures. Other methods include the use of fireproofing sprays, fire-resistant insulation, and fire-resistant sealants.

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Fire-resistant steel is a crucial component in ensuring the safety and security of buildings, bridges, and other structures in India. Various factors determine the fire resistance of steel, which is evaluated through fire resistance tests. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set guidelines and standards for fire safety ratings and testing in India.

There are various finishes, coatings, and fire protection methods that can enhance the fire resistance of steel structures. These methods can help to prevent the spread of fire and minimize damage to steel structures. By following industry regulations and implementing fire-resistant measures, we can enhance the fire safety of our buildings and structures and ensure the well-being of our communities.

Fire-resistant steel is an essential component of fire-resistant construction in India. By understanding the fire resistance ratings and testing methods, as well as the various finishes, coatings, and fire protection methods available, builders can ensure that their structures are as fire-resistant as possible.

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This AOAS technology in the SBF RAPID TMT has proved as a good shield against fire hazards in the construction activity. Due to the AOAS shield on the steel outer surface which can resist the temperature up to 650*C still retaining its strength. Mazbooti is the real strength of the product which will help in withstanding the earthquake to a Richter Scale up to 6.


  • What is fire-resistant steel?

    A fire-resistant SBF Rapid Steel TMT bar is made up of fire-resistant alloys containing Chromium, Titanium, and Nickel, which neither degrades in terms of the strength of the TMT Bar, resistance to crack, or any damage to the infrastructure during a firestorm.

    Our TMT bars have AOAS covering to shield against fire storms and remain unaffected up to temperatures as high as 650 degree Celsius.

    Our TMT Bars also show resistance to the spread of fire, affecting the strength of the entire structure, and are certified for meeting excellent standards by Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research, RSRDC- Jaipur, and Bureau Veritas.

  • How is fire-resistant steel made?

    At SBF Rapid, the manufacturing process of TMT bars takes place with maximum attention to the details and guidelines by BIS to deliver high-grade, powerful, anti-corrosive, and fire-resistant TMT bars.

    The process of manufacturing begins after selecting the best quality of Iron Ore, an anti-corrosive and fore resistant alloy that undergoes.

    • A) Quality check-ups using a spectrometer to test the liquid.
    • B) Automatic Rolling Mill for uniform thickness of the TMT bars.
    • C) Further processing through German Thermax technology for cooling TMT bars in process, using jet sprays to ensure tensile strength that can withstand pressure intensities.
    • D) USM Technology for giving a precision shape of a perfect solid rod.
    • E) AOAS technology to make TMT bars fire-resistant up to temperature 650 Celsius.
    • F) Automatic Straight Bundling technology.

    The final outcome of our entire production process is 550D and CRS TMT Bars, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant TMT bars, ingots, and billets as per the set parameters of BIS.

    Additionally, we also ensure a cut down on carbon emissions to promote green and environment-friendly manufacturing.

  • What are the benefits of using fire-resistant steel?

    Fire-resistant 550D and CRS TMT Bars by SBF rapids are manufactured with maximum attention to detail and AOAS technology coating to prevent the spread of fire during construction, which may otherwise damage the entire concrete structure and withstand high-intensity heat.

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  • How is the fire resistance of a steel TMT Bar measured?
    • At SBF Rapid, we follow a strict procedure of manufacturing 550D and CRS TMT Bars, Ingots, and millet under set prescriptions by BIS.
    • We use cutting-edge and precision-driven technology such as AOAS technology for fire-resistant TMT Bars, Automatic straight bundling technology, German Thermax technology, USM technology, and Integrated Quality Management System to keep track of the entire production process.
  • What is the difference between fire-resistant steel and fireproof steel TMT Bar?

    Fire resistance TMT bars prevent the flow of the fire and can withstand the heat up to a specific temperature.

    In India, SBF Rapid manufactures top-quality AOAS technology producing TMT Bars that show resistance when fire flares up. A fire-resistant TMT Bar is thermal resistant and does not lose its basic properties such as strong ductility, tensile strength, or crack resistance ability.

    Our fire-resistant TMT bars are a product of processing at different stages of manufacturing that prevent structural damage.

    However, fireproofing simply refers to protection from fire. No concrete structure remains completely removed from the risk of damage due to fire. Fireproof steel concrete structures simply prevent fire hazards to ensure safety.

  • Can fire-resistant steel be recycled?

    For extremely top-notch, highly ductile, flexible, elongate TMT bars, which not only corrode over time, are crack resistant, but thermal resistant as well. SBF Rapid reduce wastage by recycling the broken TMT BARS and casting them into the finest TMT bars with low carbon emissions.

  • How long can steel resist fire?

    SBF Rapid TMT bars are the best TMT bars in India. They have the special property of preventing structural damage due to the use of cutting-edge AOAS technology, enabling TMT Bars to withstand heat up to a maximum temperature of 650 degrees Celsius.

    In other words, SBF Rapid, the leading manufacturer of TMT bars, has the highest ability to prevent damage to the infrastructure. Such high-quality TMT Bars are safety agents for your infrastructure, strengthening them with durability in the longer run.

  • Which material has the highest fire resistance?

    SBF Rapid manufacturing TMT Bar has the highest thermal resistance to prevent the spread of fire whenever there is a fire outburst. SBF Rapid TMT Bars are fire-resistant alloys designed to prevent structural damage for a longer duration whenever the temperature is boiling hot such as 650 degree Celsius.

  • What are the methods of protecting steel TMT Bars against fire?

    SBF Rapid manufactures different types of high-quality 550D and CRS TMT Bars using AOAS technology. Such unique property of AOAs technology makes it sustainable and durable to resist fire flowing over the entire structure or hamper it in any way.

  • Which chemical is used in fire-resistant steel?

    At SBF Rapid, we excel in using AOAS technology for manufacturing high-grade, high-tensile strength, and fire-resistant 550D and CRS TMT Bars. We use anti-fire alloy for manufacturing excellent and top-notch thermal resistivity 550D and CRS TMT Bars.

  • Which is the best 550D and CRS TMT Bars for fire resistance?

    Fireproof and fire-resistant TMT Bars by SBF Rapid are the best TMT bars for construction purposes. The special feature of our TMT Bars is that they are manufactured using AOAS technology coating as a shield against the flow of heat during the outbreak of fire in the construction area.

    Our TMT bars have the capacity to withstand maximum heat, even up to 650 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they show high fire resistance, which makes them suitable to support all kinds of structures.

    Our TMT bars are backed by test quality certifications by Bureau Veritas, RSRDC -Jaipur, and other prestigious organizations like the Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research.

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