SBF Rapid TMT Bars: The Strongest And The Finest Fire-Resistant TMT Steel Bars

SBF rapid, a reputed and leading 550D and CRS TMT Bars TMT Saria manufacturer in India, is an expert in manufacturing top products for constructing some of the best infrastructures in the country.

  • 550D and CRS TMT Bars have several properties, high tensile strength, yield stress, and resistance to crack due to oxidation, and essential features to strengthen structural designs during high temperatures and natural calamities.
  • Poor Quality 550D and CRS TMT Bars have an adverse impact on the structure of a building leaving the infrastructure to collapse anytime and, more dangerously, go up the flames.
  • For forging top TMT bars, we use high-quality iron ore, Chromium, Nickel, and galvanizing materials that make fire resistance steel TMT bars to prevent fire storms or structural conflagrations.
  • To prevent such disastrous consequences, engineers and architects recommend SBF Rapid fire resistance steel TMT bars which have –
  1. They have high thermal resistance and are the backbone of stability to an infrastructure withstanding high temperatures.
  2. At SBF, Rapid manufacturing of TMT bars takes place using AOAS technology, ensuring that TMT Bars shield against fire accidents during construction.
  3. Our TMT bars have coatings of AOAS shield on the steel outer surface to resist heat up to 650*C while still retaining its strength.


Additional Features Of SBF Rapid TMT Bars.


SBF manufactures exceptional TMT bars which variations in gradations and sizes ranging from TMT 500 steel bars,550, 500D, 550D to 600 TMT bars with different physical and chemical properties for building up all kinds of infrastructures.

  • Our manufacturing process of a superior TMT Bar involves quality checkups of liquid metal at several levels, from intensive heating, rolling .billet casting to the final process of cooling.
  • In addition to the property of fire resistance steel TMT bars, our TMT bars also have the following properties.
  • We use state-of-the-art German technological machinery and Integrated Quality Management System to keep track of real-time manufacturing and quality standard set by BIS, supply chain Management, and Supply Chain Management.

In addition to the property of fire resistance steel TMT bars, our TMT bars also have the following properties.

  • Ductility and Elongation. The property of ductility denotes the ability of TMT Bars to flexibly stretch into long iron rods without any decline in their tensile strength ability to absorb or withstand stress.
  • Our TMT Bars, ingots, and billets can endure the different intensities of pressures and are manufactured for all regions in India and earthquake-prone areas.
  • We use state-of-the-art German technological machinery to ensure maximum elongation of TMT Bars for delivery of different sizes of TMT bars.
  • We follow the set parameters of BIS and ensure that SBF Rapid TMT bars have all features required for support of a rock-solid foundation.


Crack Resistance Ability Of TMT Bars.


  • SBF Rapid specializes in top-quality TMT steel bars, which are anti-corrosion alloys of Chromium, Titanium Nickel, Molybdenum, Carbon, Cobalt, and stainless stress.
  • They are anti-corrosive, delay the aging of the material, and show maximum resistance to oxidation.
  • The outer core of the TMT bar provides strength and toughness to absorb pressure, while the inner core provides ductility to absorb earthquake tremors so that the buildings do not collapse.
  • Moreover, our TMT Bars have ribs to easily form a concrete structure with durability for a longer period of time and prevent the spread of the fire.
  • At SBF, Rapid AOAS technology ensures that TMT Bars shield against fire accidents during construction.
  • Additionally, our TMT bars are made up of fire-resistant alloys containing Chromium, Titanium, Nickel, and other elements, which do not affect either the strength of the infrastructure crack or the resistance ability of the TMT Bars in case of a fire accident.

Our TMT bars have proved to be excellent efficiency standards for all tests by prestigious governmental accreditations such as Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research, RSRDC- Jaipur, and Bureau Veritas.

Also, our manufacturing is environmentally friendly as we ensure that carbon emissions are minimum and do not affect the environment.

SBF Rapid is the largest manufacturer of 550D and CRS TMT Bars in Rajasthan, with the largest manufacturing of TMT Bars.

Get in touch with us on our website or dial our customer care number: 70142-88818.

Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!