What Is TMT Bar and What Are Its Benefits?

TMT bars are one of the basic and most commonly used materials for the construction of residential properties, industrial facilities, bridges, and others. TMT bars have got this name from the manufacturing process they use to manufacture these bars, which is ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’. These bars are made of solid steel but are made flexible for use in multiple ways. Let’s discuss the TMT bar and the benefits you get by purchasing from SBF Rapid.


Ductility & Flexibility

TMT bars are used to prepare the foundation of the strength of any building structure, which results in highly ductile metal and higher durability of the construction. Apart from that, these bars can bear heavy loads, so they are beneficial in projects like high-rising buildings, flyovers, dams, etc. Additionally, their flexibility makes them suitable for some of the most complex construction concepts.


Non-Corrosive Bars

One of the biggest reasons why TMT steel bars are used for building construction is their ability to resist corrosion. Humid environments put buildings at risk by rusting out the bars inside walls. In contrast, TMT steel bars reduce this risk with their anti-corrosion properties that keep the rust away. That is why they are best used for any construction, be it in high humidity or underwater construction projects. If you are looking to purchase TMT bars, you may search online with ‘TMT bar suppliers near me’ or simply contact SBF Rapid – we provide highly-durable and ductile Fe 550D TMT steel bars at competitive prices.


Fire & Earthquake Resistant

TMT bars are used to strengthen building structures. These bars have a specific body design which makes them easily and firmly stick to concrete. TMT steel bars can bear high temperatures (up to 300°C), due to which they remain the same in case of fire. SBF Rapid’s 550D grade TMT bars are fire-resistant steel and best for withstanding earthquakes.


No Wastage

From an environment-focused point of view, TMT bars promote environment-friendliness as most of the TMT bars can be reused with recycling. During the recycling process, used, old, broken TMT bars are melted to form a new object or rods/sheets, etc. Reusing the TMT steel bars or recycling them promotes green industrial manufacturing, which doesn’t hamper the environment by not letting waste any steel as an essential material.



Steel bars are affordable and best for any construction needs. The price of TMT bars can influence the costs when summing up the project’s overall expenditure. As compared to low-grade or no-grade TMT bars, you can save up to 30% on TMT bar costs by purchasing from SBF Rapid. Our steel TMT 550D bars also help you save money In the long run, as their durability will keep the building structure strongly intact for years.

SBF Rapid is one of the most trusted TMT bar manufacturer in India. We give special attention to our manufacturing quality and always ensure producing the best-quality that is Fe550 D Grade TMT bar, highly-durable TMT bars best recommended for any construction project. If you have a construction project in hand or are planning to build your home, our TMT bars can prove to be the best for you. Contact us today to know the TMT bar price per ton; call +91 70142-88818.

Together, let’s build a strong tomorrow with highest level of purity across the bar!