Why is Steel Very Useful in Building Construction?

Steel comes among the most commonly used construction materials worldwide. It is used in constructing homes, hotels, hospitals, bridges, malls, dams, etc., in different forms, such as TMT bars, sheets, blocks, etc. There are multiple features of steel that make it the perfect material for any construction work. In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why steel is useful in building construction.

Strength & Durability

Steel is a very strong material which can be manufactured in different shapes according to specific requirements. Steel is actually known for its strength, and it makes building structures stronger. In addition, it is highly durable, which means it lasts longer than decades. Strength and durability are two big reasons most architects suggest steel for building construction. Looking for steel bars? Check our solid and durable TMT 500 steel bars, or contact us to get a quote today.

Flexibility and Ease of Implementation

Flexibility is steel’s other excellent feature, making it applicable across building projects. Flexible steel rods or sheets, when used for building construction, allow builders to keep architectural creativity intact by constructing a structure as smoothly as possible. For instance, curved steel-sheet sheds on windows or round-shaped supporting pillars, etc.

Resistance to Earthquake

Natural calamities are unexpected and especially earthquakes, which can damage building structures to some extent, weakening their strength. However, buildings constructed using TMT steel bars are more likely to withstand earthquakes and protect the structure from getting damaged. It also means that steel can be the best material to use for building construction in earthquake-prone regions.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel is a highly ductile material that lasts longer without getting affected by rust and corrosion. However, it is crucial to choose high-quality steel that has the capability to resist corrosion. There are various types of sheets and rods that are made of non-corrosion or corrosion-resistant steel, and you can easily get some for your building project by contacting a reliable manufacturer and supplier like SBF Rapid – one of the most trusted Fe-550D TMT steel bar manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency

It is used not only for constructing the base structure of buildings but also for many other purposes, which makes it a good source of energy-efficiency construction material. For example, it is usually difficult to conserve heat indoors, whereas walls with double-layered steel panels can help keep the heat within the room pretty efficiently.

Steel Can Be Recycled

Steel is a valuable metal that is never wasted. Used steel and even low-quality corroded steel can also be reused after being recycled. During the recycling process, steel is melted to form a new shape as per requirements.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is another reason why steel is widely used for building construction. It meets most building safety requirements by having excellent fire resistance. However, some steel products might not be fire-resistant. Therefore, make sure you choose fire resistance steel for construction purposes. Steel, in various forms, is a highly useful material for building construction. If you are looking for steel suppliers, then contact SBF Rapid – one of the industry leaders in TMT steel manufacturing and supply. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for TMT steel bars, and we promise to provide top-quality material that will last longer than an eternity. Call: +91 70142-88818 now!

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